The one with +100k downloads

Mobile App

We built a mobile app that allows breweries to receive more clients during low peaks and allow customers to go to new places near them. Cheers!

Connecting customers with breweries

Pinta Libre’s hassle-free mobile app lets customers browse multiple breweries to get a free beer daily, after paying a monthly subscription. Pinta Libre came to Unagi looking for a strategic technology partner to help them bring their product idea to life.

After successfully validating the business model and building an MVP, Pinta Libre got +100k downloads, is now available in 4 countries, and counting.

De-risking high risk factors first

Unagi kicked off the project by facilitating a discovery. The goal was to validate Pinta Libre’s business model.

We reviewed piles of research, talked to dozens of brewers, whiteboarded data-models, and built prototypes.

The biggest questions were related to the risk factors involved when entering this high hurdle marketplace. We learned that the key to success was to attract breweries, so we focused on their low peak hours.

After all, we had an MVP online within 3 weeks, which allowed the founder to gain some clarity in our roadmap by doing real tests with real breweries, building out based on real needs to minimize risk and assumptions.

Ongoing iterative design and Unagi as acting CTO

Unagi’s development expertise allowed us to become Pinta Libre’s CTO partner, helping them make decisions about technology stack, hosting, deployment, and even business-related.

After a series of iterations, the MVP scale up to an app with more than 100k downloads in just a few months. Then, new countries releases arrived and the next goal is to go for millions of users around the world.

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