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Learn how a leading FinTech embarked on a mission to democratize financial education partnering with Unagi to shield the business logic and revamp the user experience (UX) for clients.

The problem

A leading FinTech client aimed to democratize financial education but faced a twofold challenge: protect their proprietary business logic and improve the user experience (UX). They heavily depended on complex Excel spreadsheets for financial planning, which was burdensome for users and posed a risk of exposing their business logic to financial advisors.

The Solution

Our journey began by understanding the client’s needs and business requirements. We safeguarded their business logic, a wealth of nine years of knowledge.

In three months, we created a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) using Google scripts, securely migrating the business logic from Excel. Existing clients experienced uninterrupted service, ensuring business continuity.

With the business logic transitioned, we crafted a state-of-the-art application using technologies like Ruby on Rails, Stimulus.js, PostgreSQL, and Rspec. This new app offered a rejuvenated UX, simplifying data input and streamlining workflows.

We also enabled direct financial investments from the app, which involved synchronization with external APIs, including brokerage firms and video conference apps. Payment gateways like MercadoPago and Stripe were integrated, offering users multiple payment options.

The outcome

By digitizing its operations, our client can now offer a more streamlined and secure financial education service to its customers. The overhauled UX has significantly enhanced user engagement, contributing to the company’s mission of democratizing access to financial education. The investment module played a crucial role in securing new rounds of financing for the client.

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