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Discover how a New York startup, backed by a Fortune 500 company, achieved rapid product-market fit in group travel through an innovative B2C platform, with the help of Unagi‘s expertise. With a small technical team, they sought external assistance and came looking to move fast. We provided Ruby on Rails and React staffing to pivot into a generative AI product. Our seamless integration and strategic insights fueled innovation, enabling VRBO integration and a successful pivot to an AI-driven B2B platform. Explore how this collaboration accelerated growth and transformed their trajectory.

The Challenge

As a New York startup, our client aimed to revolutionize group travel with an innovative B2C platform. Supported by a Fortune 500 company, their small technical team posed challenges. The goal: achieve rapid product-market fit with external assistance. They needed a partner to seamlessly integrate with their team, offering fresh insights and technical expertise for an accelerated process.

The Solution

Our team, proficient in technologies like Ruby on Rails, React, GraphQL, and Apollo, integrated seamlessly with the client’s founding team. We provided not only manpower but also strategic insights, spanning feature ideation, design reviews, task execution, and testing. Additionally, we integrated third-party APIs like VRBO, enhancing the platform’s capabilities.

The Pivot to AI

Over time, our relationship with the client evolved. What initially started as a few months’ engagement stretched into a +3-year partnership. During the final six months, we assisted their team in pivoting their product towards an AI B2B platform. This move was a strategic decision to tap into the potential of AI and machine learning.

Our team had firsthand experience working with LLMs, specifically using the Dust framework, which was instrumental in the pivot. We successfully navigated the complexities of building AI experiences, providing the client with a solid foundation for their new direction.

The Outcome

Our team augmentation service was pivotal in aiding the client’s business goals. Leveraging our tech expertise and guidance to transition to an AI-driven B2B platform.

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